Extreme Sweating

Hyperhidrosis, pathological sweating, is a physical and psychological burden for the person affected.

The previously established forms of treatment show only moderate success and include treatment with the drug known as anticholinergics, the local application of aluminium chloride and the tap-iontophoresis to the hands and feet.

A newer form of treatment of hyperhidrosis is the treatment with botulinum toxin A (Botox®, Dysport®).

Botox is a naturally occurring bacteria poison, which is painlessly injected in the treated areas. The focus of treatment is the armpits where with this simple measure sweating can usually be suppressed for 4 more 6 months can be suppressed. Nevertheless, other sites such as frontal hair line, neck, and cleavage are treatable.

Although the actual effect of the drug declines after 6 months, some patients have recently also observed significantly longer periods of lasting effect. These cases can be explained by the fact that through the long "sweat-free" time the brain has forgotten that stimulate sweat glands.Die Hyperhidrose, das krankhafte Schwitzen, ist für die Betroffenen eine körperliche, vor allem aber auch eine psychische Belastung.