Filler / Facial Injections

The treatment of static wrinkles, or also wrinkles, whose mimic has been block by botulinum toxin is based on so-called augmentation. Here material (filler) is inserted into the skin, which leads to the lifting of the wrinkle. In our practice, we only apply materials, which can be disintegrated residue-free by the body in order to ensure the safety of this therapy.
The various hyaluronic acid regenerations here have proven themselves: Polyacryl acid and Hydroxylapatid. This only deals with the body’s own substances which are chemically produced. Which of these preparations is right for you shall be discussed in a personal consultation.

In principle, no allergies are known among all of the substances utilized by us, so that an allergy test – e.g. necessary with collagen – is superfluous. This makes subcutaneous injection with the body’s own constituents safer than ever before.