Fractora™ FIRM (face) and Fractora™ plus (body) are non-invasive radio frequency skin rejuvenation and tightening procedures. Through radio frequency pulses from rounded electrodes, collagen stimulation is triggered in all layers of skin, which lends the skin a healthier, fresher appearance. Both methods can also be used wonderfully in summer without recovery time.

Fractora™ deep RF-Needling combines radio frequency with fractional skin exfoliation. When applied to the skin with gentle pressure, ultra-fine needle electrodes on the applicator emit a radio frequency and warms the skin and tissue. This tightens the collagen up to 2mm deep and stimulates the growth of connective tissue. The depth of the exfoliation and the thermal range in which the new collagen is stimulated can be selected manually. This allows the healing periods to be controlled accurately and for maximum treatment success to be achieved.

Fractora™ FIRM, Fractora™ plus and Fractora™ deep RF-Needling are part of BodyTite™’s new product range. The BodyTite™ (invasix) procedure is a sophisticated, minimally invasive procedure that uses patented radio frequency liposuction (RFAL™), in order to achieve effective body contouring as well as significant skin tightening.