With the peeling the uppermost skin layer is removed applying different substances. This can happen, for example, by fruit acids or by herb masks or other chemical substances. The result is an obviously fresher looking skin.

Photo Rejuvenation

Is a collective term is for the skin revitalisation by laser therapy.


A device of the IPL technology. This many-sided device can be used for the removal of little veins, pigments and especially for photo rejuvenation.

Photodynamic Therapy

With this modern therapy the pre-treatment happens with a Photo sensitive (ä-Aminolävuacid) which settles, above all, into metabolism-active malicious skin changes. The malicious cells are destroyed selectively by the following light radiotherapy without side effects. Unfortunately, it is extremely expensive, so that the therapy can be carried out only in select cases.

Pigment disturbance

Is a lacking formation or a dismantling of pigments, colouring-containing cells are in the skin.


Pigments are the colour-giving particles, partially formed by the skin itself (Melanocytes) or they are introduced from outside (tattoos).

Plasma gel

... is a filling substance for wrinkle treatment by injection which is extracted from the patient’s blood components after processing. No allergies are possible because it is a substance produced naturally in the body.

Polyacrylacid / Hyaluronacid

These are substances belonging to body (trade name Perlane ® / Restylane ® / which are injected to fill-up wrinkles, little scars and other defects in the uppermost skin layer.

Polylactic acid

Based on lactic acid (which is found in a natural state in the body), polylactic acid (poly-L-lactic acid) was developed for filling wrinkles and has been employed in aesthetic medicine for about 10 years. It stimulates the body’s own collagen synthesis, corrects wrinkles and also smoothens and firms the skin.

Polymorphous Light Dermatosis

This is the Latin name for a solar allergy. Hence, the name comes that these skin changes with the affected patients cause a polymorphic appearance.

Port Wine Stains

Port wine stains are innate, blood-red sharply enclosed areas of the skin whose remarkable colouring is caused by a huge number of thin little veins in the skin. These can be treated with laser.

Prick Test

In the prick test allergies of the immediate type can be tested. On this occasion, the skin is easily slit and brought in contact with the materials to be tested. With an allergic reaction, a reddish and swollen skin appears within a few minutes.

Provocation test

The provocation test is one of test procedures to determine on which materials the body reacts to allergically. On this occasion, these materials are brought in lower concentration in contact with the body and the reaction of the body is observed.

Psoriasis / Scale lichen

Psoriasis, called also scale lichen, is a non-contagious, chronic skin illness with silver white, dry scale depositions on red, sharply enclosed spots with stronger manifestation at certain body places. It is genetic.