Hair Removal

We use laser light selectivity for the removal of bothersome hair. We employ Alexandrit- or Rubin laser, or, if applicable epilight.

This is the targeted chromophore, the part upon which the laser light works the hair root. This leaves the surrounding skin unharmed and scar free, unlike the electro epilation with needles.

The dark hairs which are especially bothersome are almost completely removed.


The long term effect of laser therapy makes it an excellent alternative to shaving and plucking bothersome facial hair.

It is not only for women who want to have their facial hair permanently removed. Laser epilation is also the therapy of choice for men whose daily shaving activity leads to painful skin irritation.


Variably-sized tools enable to laser system treatments to work on larger surfaces like the bikini area or legs in a relatively short time.

Time-consuming shaving and even painful waxing are now a thing of the past. 

The permanent removal of bothersome body hair on men’s arms and back give a new quality of life to those who previously suffered from this hair growth.