Thermage ® treatment

Thermage ®, the treatment used by Hollywood stars to combat skin aging, is clearly a beauty hit in the USA.

The treatment is based on a gentle, but extremely effective lifting effect. It tightens the skin, smoothens wrinkles, and refreshes the contours of the face wonderfully – and all that entirely without complication and without surgical intervention...

…Good news for anyone who wants a face, eye, and body tightening as well as treatment of cellulite without an operation, without injections, and without downtime.

Thermage ® – uses the stimulating effect of monopolar radio frequency waves through a special hand-held device. The surface is cooled with a spray so that their effect can penetrate to the deep layers. They have a two-fold effect in the deeper layers of the skin. On the one hand, they pull the heated collagen fibers together as early as during the treatment. On the other, they stimulate the formation of new collagen. Over the next four months, this causes the skin to be visibly tightened from the inside out, and improves the condition of the skin.

This allows facial contours to be refined, and saggy cheeks, chin, and the skin around the entire eye are tightened. Good results can also be achieved on the throat and the cleavage, as well as for skin tightening on the stomach, inner thigh, and underside of the upper arm. The desired effect begins immediately after the first treatment. If needed, it can be repeated at yearly intervals.

The result: Skin that looks smoother and tighter and also feels that way.