The feeling of well-being for many patients is strongly affected by their white patches.

Astonishing repigmentation can be achieved by various Photodermatology treatments such as PUVA or KUVA therapies.

A modern photo sensitizer makes selective destruction of the diseased tissues with special light possible.

In addition, the utilization of the excimer lamp is an effective therapeutic approach.
The excimer lamp generates a monochromatic UV light with a wavelength of 308 nm in a small field.

The therapy is very well-suited for treatment of single and small-scale skin alterations. In addition to vitiligo, smaller spots affected by psoriasis can also be treated as a result.

For instance, localized lesions can be treated much more intensively in comparison with customary UVB light, and can be irradiated on a differential basis depending on localization and thickness of the alteration.

As a result, healthy skin can be spared the undesirable consequences of UV light.

Immunomodulating ointments which can also stimulate pigment production constitute a very new treatment.